Onehub Deal Room Service

Onehub As an Effective Deal Room Service

What is the Onehub solution? Basic features of the Onehub platform, its advantages, and peculiarities. What pricing plans does Onehub offer? Available ways you can contact Onehub customer support service.

Review of the Onehub Solution

The Onehub platform is a top solution for different types of businesses. Due to a wide variety of tools, this platform is a leader in the VDR market and has an audience of thousands of clients from all over the world. This virtual data room allows to significantly simplify and automate business processes; set up detailed analytics; attract investors and cooperate with them within the system; hold meetings and boost interaction with company members. Scroll down to learn more on this topic.

Onehub Main Features

The current solution offers a lot of features that you can customize according to the type of your business, its scale, number of team members, specifications, etc. At the same time, there is a list of key features which form the basis of the service functionality.

Document management

The platform has a handy drag-and-drop option that allows uploading as many files as you want at once. At the same time, Onehub users are not limited in the volume of uploading files (this feature depends on the pricing plan you choose) and their type. In addition, the portal supports the most up-to-date text and media file formats.

Deep customizing

Using Onehub, you can set the logo, color schemes of your workspaces, and more to create a completely personalized solution. This also applies to the accounts themes, domains, and white labeling. In this way, you can significantly improve your brand awareness.

Advanced security

The service implements role-based access, session timeouts, two-factor authentication, SSL certificates, and 128-bit encryption keys. This helps avoid unauthorized usage of your data, information leakage, man-in-the-middle attacks, and more.

Cooperation and integration

The platform allows you to engage potential investors and clients with the help of various notification tools, comments, tasks, surveys, Q&A sections, etc. Also, you can integrate this VDR with third-party resources like Microsoft Office Online, Google Drive, etc.

Pricing Plans

The platform offers the following four types of plans.

  • Standard ($12.50).
  • Advanced ($20).
  • Data room edition ($300).
  • Unlimited edition ($500).

They differ in the set of features, the number of users you can add, the available size of cloud storage, etc. Their costs also may vary depending on the billing type: monthly or annually. In the second case, you can save up to 20%. The above-mentioned prices are relevant at the time of writing this review, so you should contact the customer support service to check the current prices.

Customer Support Service

The platform has an extensive knowledge base so that you can fix almost any issue on your own. There, you can find answers to the common questions connected with the financial and technical aspects of using the Onehub solution. Also, you can contact a customer support service using the following options:

  • Activate the live-chat option.
  • Drop a message on the official email.
  • Contact team experts directly via phone on the website.